What is Bird Medicine? 

"Medicine" comes from the Latin root medeor, which means "to heal". The healing gifts that birds offer - on an energetic, emotional + spiritual level -- are survival, balance and belonging. 

It is valuable for all of us to focus on healing, as a balanced earth in a more healthy earth, and a more healthy earth sustains more balanced life. This applies to our emotional and spiritual bodies as well. We survive, and ultimately thrive, in systems of balance: within our bodies, our communities, our families, our financial systems and on the planet. This balance then ushers in a sense of belonging. 

Bird medicine is very much about coming back to a state of thriving within ourselves and in the world around us. It teaches us how to find our place in the world. 

At Three Legged Crow, we access this healing wisdom in the form of Bird Essences and Bird Essence Candles. 


Birds are speaking to us every day -- in the ways they show up, in their songs, in a dropped feather across our path. Listening for and interpreting their messages is a gift I carry and am honored to share with others. 

If you are curious what messages the birds are wanting to share with you -- sign up for a personalized Bird Wisdom Reading. 



Bird Essences are vibrational elixirs that offer powerful energetic support. They assist in bringing balance to the emotional body. These elixirs are made in sacred ceremony during which the vibration of a feather (each feather carries a unique vibration, just like crystals and stones) is imprinted onto filtered water. This water is then mixed with a small amount of biodynamic brandy which serves as a protector + preservative. 

As we are beings made up primarily of water, this is an ideal medium to transmit this healing energy to us. 


Essences work best when you take the time to build a relationship with the essence and the bird. Each time you use the essence, take a moment (2-3 full breaths) to visualize the bird from whom you are requesting support. Simply notice and receive any messages that come through. If you have time, it can also be beneficial to journal. 


1-2 drops, 3x  day, unless otherwise directed. Can be taken more frequently as needed.