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Why Three Legged Crow?

According to Chinese legend, the Three Legged Crow carries the sun across the sky, every day. He is an ever-rising, ever-present energy; a reminder that even within the darkest of times, light will always rise again.  


When we call on the spirit of Three Legged Crow, we welcome in the healing power of the sun’s cycle — and its dance with the moon — as we seek balance and support in an ever-changing world.


Magick is a practice that links the physical with the spiritual to bring about energetic and tangible change



About Syd


Stephanie Syd Yang is a mixed race (Taiwanese - European American) queer healer and magick maker who creates tools and remedies based on the principles of earth, water, fire, air and spirit. She has been working fierce magick for as long as she can remember, inspiring change in her life and world through word crafting and a deep connection to the animal and spirit realms.

Syd is the also the founder of Blue Jaguar Healing Arts, a specialized holistic healing practice that works with individuals at the intersection of truth, love, personal identity, spirituality + social justice. More at